Discovery and Directions

Let's get started.


Our discovery and deep dive sessions last for 45 minutes. To maximize this time, we do some initial preflight questionnaires so that we can prepare well.

It's usually structured as:

  • 10 minutes - Introductions
  • 20 minutes - Discovery and Inquiry
  • 15 minutes - Debrief and Insights

After our session, we'll send you a feedback survey questionnaire to learn about how we could improve experience. Once you complete that, we'll send you 1-page Executive Summary of our session!

Questions & Answers

What can I expect from the Discovery and Directions Deep Dive?

It's a short conversation about you, what you're going through, and what challenges you're experiencing. That's the discovery part. I ask a lot of questions and I support you in your exploration of your direction.

What if I don't know what I want yet?

That's perfectly fine- It's okay to not know what you want. But given that our time is limited, it is best to come into the session with at least 2 or 3 specific questions you want us to explore.

What if I can't figure out what questions to ask yet?

That's cool too. Rather than booking a coaching session, how about browsing through our library at instead?

What's in it for you?

Ah, yes. Your time and my time are both precious- so what do I get from providing this service? First of all, I am a lifelong learner and I love learning especially in my field of software engineering. Hearing about your challenges and problems contribute to my research in on how we can deliver highly-personalized mentorship services at scale.

What do these coaching services look like? I want to see first.

That sounds fair. Some of our apprentices agree to recording their coaching sessions for marketing and promotion use by with certain limitations. We're currently collecting these information and verifying with our apprentices and partners. When available, it will be displayed in

What if I just want to casually enjoy learning content at a leisurely pace?

That's great to hear- in that case, might not be right for you as it is an accelerated coaching and mentoring service. Instead, check out TheGamingClassroom where we provide learning content on software engineering, business, and economics lifted from games.